About us


Our designs started from the love of the Sea. In this ever changing world Sea brings the feeling of steadiness. The Sea is like house of interpretation for us. Here we can find tranquility and beauty. This is how our passion for catching Baltic amber was born. For us, it is the best ritual of the entire family. 

OUR inspiration

We are continually influenced by geometrics and natural elements. We are enchanted by the beauty of Baltic amber and it's diversity of colors and shapes. 

MODErn look to amber

We are trying to create unique jewelry with Baltic amber in line with harmony between simplicity and elegance. We value neat minimalism and a sense of freedom hence you will not find any irrelevant details in our designs. Everything is thoroughly considered thus special notice is towards the details. The natural body and colors of Baltic amber are matched with different compositions of forms and lines.

Your view to amber will change with Ketri Amber Jewelry designs.